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We practice ancient medicine, offering holistic, non pharmaceutical solutions to many health concerns. We aim to keep you physically and emotionally healthy so you could lead an active life and enjoy everything Montana has to offer.

Most people seek acupuncture for pain relief because acupuncture encourages production of endorphins, which work similar to pain killers when delivered to the area of pain. 

Yet, pain is only one of many things acupuncture deals with. Acupuncture cures many chronic health issues by literally changing your brain chemistry, neurotransmitters, and your response to pain. By altering the neurotransmitters of your brain, acupuncture stops the autonomic (automatic and involuntary) response of the nervous system, thereby alleviating symptoms of many conditions...

Veteran Ready Provider

Veteran Ready Healthcare Provider through the Veterans Choice Program Kalispell

We are a Veteran Ready Healthcare Provider. US Veterans qualify for 100% covered acupuncture treatments through the Veterans Choice Program. If you are a veteran and would like to come to 406 Acupuncture for treatment, please follow the link.

406 Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Clinic located in Kalispell MT

About 406 Acupuncture Clinic

I discovered acupuncture in my twenties when I was suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome. I tried every single treatment offered by conventional medicine with no improvement. It was my dentist who suggested I give acupuncture a try and gave me the number of her acupuncturist. I felt the difference from the first session and after two months of treatments I was completely cured. Naturally I had decided to study acupuncture.

I graduated Swedish Institute of Oriental Studies in New York City and for many years worked with people from all walks of life and from all over the world; individuals dealing with mental health challenges, addictions, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, grief, PTSD...

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Gentle and Kind

I recently had my first-ever acupuncture experience with Irena. I was nervous, but she and Lara were very welcoming. Irena’s approach was gentle and kind. She asked good questions about my wellness needs, and patiently explained each step and what I should expect. I felt much more relaxed after my visit and would definitely return!

406 Acupuncture

Went to 406 with a specific problem, Irena checked my pulses and stated what she felt was the root of my problem. I was skeptical, being used to western medicine. She advised an herbal tea and weekly acupuncture. After 6 weeks of treatment, my problem is history. You owe it to yourself to experience a holistic approach to your health.

Managing Chronic Pain

I have been suffering with post surgery chronic pain for over 2 years and have pursued an onslaught of therapies which include acupuncture, chiropractics, soft tissue mobilization and massage, osteopathic manipulation, physical therapy, and pharmaceutical intervention. Acupuncture with Irena has by far proven to be the most effective form of relief to date. Irena implements a whole body and mind approach in her care. She addresses the primary issue “Managing Chronic Pain”

Thank You 406

The word “holistic” has become a bit of a cliche in recent years, but the ladies of 406 Acupuncture have taken it back! Irena’s knowledge of Chinese medicine and psychoanalysis allow her to work out her patients’ physical and mental ailments in an all encompassing process that borders on the spiritual. The office is clean and minimally yet effectively decorated to provide an atmosphere of safety and tranquility that “Thank You 406”

Acupuncture For Stress

I work in finance and my job is super stressful. I didn’t realize how much stress was affecting me until I began having a variety of health issues. A friend of mine recommended that I try acupuncture and I’m glad I did! Irena went over every detail of my health issues to understand what’s been going on with my body in order to figure out the best strategy for “Acupuncture For Stress”

Anxiety & Sleep Issues

I had spent years trying everything under the sun to help my anxiety and sleep issues (medication, noise machines, etc…). Even-though I was skeptical of acupuncture, I decided to give it a try anyway. My acupuncturist Irena Ginsburg turned out to be very knowledgeable and made the entire session super comfortable. She helped me understand how to deal with the various triggers that were causing my condition. I still “Anxiety & Sleep Issues”

Relief by 406

For years I worked construction in NYC and eventually had problems with my back and neck. After visiting many doctors the answer was always the same “take these pills”. Well that didn’t suit me so I started looking at some alternative treatments. This is where I found Irena. She not only fixed my back and neck issues, she explained the how and why these injuries occur, and how to “Relief by 406”

Thank You

I have been seeing Irena for over a year and I am constantly grateful I found her. From the very first appointment, I felt comfortable and at-ease. I was hesitant about acupuncture and doubtful of its effects, but there is no denying that Irena has helped me live a better, more pain free, and more relaxed life. I have had knee and back problems…

Miracle Worker

I cannot say in plainer terms: Irena saved my life. I came to her when no western doctor could diagnose me as “sick” (even though I was barely managing day to day). She took my pulse and immediately knew everything was off. Together we began to connect my body to my emotions, healing wounds from early childhood, and bringing me to a state of…