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Chinese Bloodletting

Blood is what gives us life. According to Chinese medical thinking, life is movement. The major role of blood is to continuously circulate through the body, nourishing and maintaining various organs. Movement of blood is essential to one’s health and balance.

“Man relies on movement of Qi and blood to stay alive”.

If one area of the body lacks Qi and blood, too much of it accumulates elsewhere in the body, blocking the circulation. It’s called stasis. Disturbance in blood circulation is common in most chronic conditions, be it cardiovascular disease, cerebrovascular accidents, abdominal distention, masses, anxiety, depression, infertility or menstrual pain.

Chronic pain is a reliable indicator of blood stasis since “when there is stoppage, there is pain. Blood stasis occurs in protracted, difficult and odd diseases, for which bloodletting is the best way to solve the problem. If properly conducted, unimaginable effects can be seen. An ailment persistent for years or sharp pain would be cured in an instant.”

Bloodletting therapy is an essential procedure of traditional Chinese Medicine from which acupuncture has evolved. It is described in the classic Chinese Medical text, Spiritual Compass Ling Shu: To treat chronic diseases, prick to let out blood.

Bleeding is often the key to unlocking the most difficult problems. It has an incredibly wide application and a surprising therapeutic effect, often producing speedy recovery from long-lasting serious diseases and instant relief from bad aches and pains.

Chinese Bloodletting

The body creates oxygenated blood cells for every deoxygenated drop you let out. Every time the capillaries are bled, the body sends healing chemicals to the affected area. After blood vessels heal, they become stronger than they were prior to bloodletting.

Bloodletting clears the mind and some people have psychic experiences. Bloodletting can treat a wide variety of diseases such as sciatica, lumbago, stiff neck, lower limb rheumatism, hemorrhoids, stuffy chest, asthma, frozen shoulder, migraine, dizziness, conjunctivitis and all kinds of pain.

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